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Bank of America Swift Code allows the bank users to complete the bank of America international wire transfer and overseas transactions. You might be aware that without Swift Code Bank of America you will be unable to complete your international transactions. So, it will be the most necessary thing for you to know about bank swift codes before you are about to complete your international transaction or fund transfers.

Now if you are searching for BofA Swift Codes genuine post then you are already at the right location. This post here will give you proper information for BOA Swift codes and related issues. You will need Swift code every time you wished to complete international transactions. So, we suggest our users save or store the important data they find here which will be helpful in future whenever you need it.

Get Bank of America Routing Numbers Here.

Bank of America Swift Code | BofA BIC

Swift Code for Bank of America is used to transfer the fund from the United States to overseas banks all around the globe. It is notable that Bank of America NA swift code is only used to complete international wire transfers. If you want to transfer fund across the country use routing number.

BofA Swift Code

You will be required to enter swift code whether you are receiving or sending the fund to or from overseas banks. The swift code also helps identification of international financial institution with whom you are connected and proceed for the transactions.

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Swift Code Bank of America | BoA Swift Code

💲BOFAUS3N (Use when you are sending or receiving US dollars or unknown currency)

Address: Bank of America, NA, 222 Broadway, New York, New York 10038.

💱BOFAUS6S (Use when you are sending or receiving any foreign currency)

Address: Bank of America, NA, 555 California St, San Francisco, CA 94104.

I hope the post here for Bank of America Swift Code was informative enough to complete your international wire transfers. You can any leading bank’s swift code and routing numbers information at our official site. For more information please visit bankroutings.com.

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