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JP Morgan Chase Bank Routing Number 2018

Well, I know your purpose on this page is regarding Routing Number Of Chase Bank. So I am here by displaying quickly all the Routing Number For Chase Bank. Find Here Chase bank routing number for CA, FL, TX, IL, AZ, NY, NJ, WL,WA,GA and all location In USA.

Chase Bank Routing Number Ny, Texas, California, Florida Nyc, New Jersey, New york

Answers to Your Questions Of: 

Chase bank is a national bank which is known as JP Morgan Chase Bank after it’s joining with JP Morgan & Co. in 2000. Priorly the bank was known by the name Chase Manhattan Bank because it was merged with The Manhattan Company in 1955.

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The bank comprises commercial banking subsidiary of the U.S. multinational banking and financial services. The company was founded on 1 December 2ooo and the chairperson named Mr William C Weldon without whom the bills are not passed.

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The Bank has 5100 branches and 16,100 ATM’s nationwide and even customer services. The current approximate assets held by JP Morgan Chase Bank is about US$2.6 trillion. JP Morgan Chase Bank is one of the biggest and highest ranking banks with compare to other four highest ranking banks in the USA.

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JP Morgan Chase Bank is working in more than 100 countries with 250,355 employees. Well, the originally Bank was founded in 1799, but there were changes made by merging with various other Banking companies.

Chase Bank Routing Number:

The bank provides various services and products to all those account holders. They provide services like savings checkings, Debut card and credit card facility, banking service for business or entrepreneurs, investments, assets managements and much more.

The customers of this bank have ranked highest for the services provided by Chase Bank. The online facility of this bank is very beneficial for the customers, so there is no hassle of visiting the bank for account opening and any other difficulties or issues.

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You are benefited by various services which can be operated online from any place anywhere. Chase Bank helps their customer by directly providing them Routing Number.

There are even negative reviews of Chase Bank but as the Bank is providing services since 2oo years, it has gained its position. But the overall result of this bank is best in terms of banking of business.

What is Chase Bank Routing Number?

The routing number is a unique 9 digit number used mainly in the USA. This Routing Number is present in the bottom at left side corner. Each area has its own unique routing number which should be easily visible for operating your account.

Ensure that your routing number is safe up to you and don’t share with all. Direct deposits, domestic and international wire transfers, electronic payments and automatic payments are the services that are easily fulfilled by routing number from the cheque.


For any guide or question you can dial up on  1-800-242-7338 which is a customer service number and they will assist you with your queries. Well, Chase bank provides the best service to their customers, so there are no major problems you will face and none of your work will be delayed.

Various areas and regions have their different routing numbers on their concerned chequebooks. If you don’t have any information regarding your routing number, you can easily find them through this article that has each and every Routing number depending on the regions or areas you live.

Below mentioned are all the routing numbers with specified areas in the country.


States Routing Number Wire Transfer ACH Number
Alabama (AL) None CHASUS33 None
Alaska (AK) None CHASUS33 None
Arizona (AZ) 122100024 CHASUS33 122100024
Arkansas (AR) None CHASUS33 None
California (CA) 322271627 CHASUS33 322271627
Colorado (CO) 102001017 CHASUS33 102001017
Connecticut (CT) 021100361 CHASUS33 021100361
Delaware (DE) None CHASUS33 None
District of Colombia (DC) None CHASUS33  None
 Florida (FL)  267084131  CHASUS33 267084131 
 Georgia (GA)  061092387  CHASUS33  061092387
 Hawaii (HI) None   CHASUS33  None
 Idaho (ID)  123271978  CHASUS33  123271978
 Illinois (IL)


llinois Metro










 Indiana (IN)  074000010  CHASUS33  074000010
 Iowa (IA)  None  CHASUS33  None
 Kansas (KS)  None  CHASUS33  None
 Kentucky (KY)  083000137  CHASUS33  083000137
 Louisiana (LA)  065400137  CHASUS33  065400137
 Maine (ME)  None  CHASUS33  None
 Maryland (MD)  None  CHASUS33 None 
 Massachusetts (MA) None   CHASUS33  None
 Michigan (MI)  072000326  CHASUS33  072000326
 Minnesota (MN)  None  CHASUS33  None
 Mississippi (MS)  None   CHASUS33  None
 Missouri (MO)  None  CHASUS33  None
 Montana (MT)  None  CHASUS33  None
 Nebraska (NE)  None  CHASUS33  None
 Nevada (NV)  322271627  CHASUS33  322271627
 New Hampshire (NH)  None  CHASUS33  None
 New Jersey (NJ)  021202337  CHASUS33  021202337
 New Mexico (NM)  None  CHASUS33  None
 New York (NY)

Upstate New York

Downstate New York










 North Carolina (NC) None   CHASUS33  None 
 North Dakota (ND)  None  CHASUS33  None
 Ohio (OH)  044000037  CHASUS33  044000037
 Oklahoma (OK)  103000648  CHASUS33  103000648
 Oregon (OR)  325070760  CHASUS33  325070760
 Pennsylvania (PA)  None  CHASUS33  None
 Rhode Island (RI)  None  CHASUS33  None
 South Carolina (SC)  None  CHASUS33  None
 South Dakota (SD)  None  CHASUS33  None
 Tennessee (TN)  None  CHASUS33  None
 Texas (TX)  111000614  CHASUS33  111000614
 Utah (UT)  124001545  CHASUS33  124001545
 Vermont (VT)  None  CHASUS33  None
 Virginia (VA)  None  CHASUS33 None 
 Washington (WA)  325070760  CHASUS33  325070760
 West Virginia (WV)  051900366  CHASUS33  051900366
 Wisconsin (WI)  075000019  CHASUS33  075000019
Wyoming (WY)  None  CHASUS33 None 

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